I'm a postgraduate researcher and software engineer with a passion for co-developing mobile technologies within communities and schools. Using participatory design, I engage with stakeholders to produce and deploy mobile applications and full-stack web technologies which aim to empower them as citizens.

This has included giving communities approachable platforms for sharing their local knowledge and civic values, supporting NHS patients in self-monitoring their skin conditions, and helping Red Cross volunteers voice their concerns about the future of their institution.

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A Discussion of Digital Civics in the Context of Austerity

Much of my research takes place as a part of the ‘Digital Civics Agenda’. This post gives a brief synopsis on what Digital Civics is about, and why we as researchers and technology developers need to be aware of how our work can be interpreted in a wider political context.

My Experience

As a researcher I have:

  • Developed and published three multi-platform and open source mobile applications across the fields of local heritage education (OurPlace), volunteering (TalkFutures) and healthcare (MySkinSelfie).
  • Organised and led research workshops and events (with up to 50 participants), as well as record, transcribe, analyse and code participants' interactions as qualitative data.
  • Successfully deployed my application OurPlace with hundreds of students across nine different schools, both in the classroom and on class trips.
  • Interned with both the Red Cross in Geneva and the International Computer Science Institute in Berkeley, working in small teams to develop user-facing technologies and design and facilitate participant research studies.
  • Published and presented my work in international academic conferences such as MobileHCI and Communities & Technologies, documenting my research into how mobile learning technologies can be used to better surface and utilise the civic value of places, and empower the communities which give them meaning.

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Academic Publications

First Author

  • We are the Greatest Showmen: Configuring a Framework for Project-Based Mobile Learning

    Dan Richardson, Ahmed Kharrufa

    2020 | CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems | DOI | PDF

  • Parklearn: Creating, Sharing and Engaging with Place-Based Activities for Seamless Mobile Learning

    Dan Richardson, Pradthana Jarusriboonchai, Kyle Montague, Ahmed Kharrufa

    2018 | International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction with Mobile Devices and Services | DOI | PDF

  • Exploring Public Places As Infrastructures for Civic M-Learning

    Dan Richardson, Clara Crivellaro, Ahmed Kharrufa, Kyle Montague, Patrick Olivier

    2017 | International Conference on Communities and Technologies | DOI | PDF

Contributing Author

  • TalkFutures: Supporting Qualitative Practices in Distributed Community Engagements

    Jay Rainey, Juan Carlos Alvarez de la Vega, Dan Richardson, Daniel Lambton-Howard, Sara Armouch, Tom Bartindale, Shaun Hazeldine, Pamela Briggs, Patrick Olivier, Kyle Montague

    2020 | Designing Interactive Systems | DOI | PDF

  • Usability Testing of MySkinSelfie: a Mobile Phone Application for Skin Self‐Monitoring

    Philip Hampton, Dan Richardson, Sarah Brown, Charlotte Goodhead, Kyle Montague, Patrick Olivier

    2019 | Clinical and Experimental Dermatology | DOI

  • StammerApp: Designing a Mobile Application to Support Self-Reflection and Goal Setting for People Who Stammer

    Róisín McNaney, Christopher Bull, Lynne Mackie, Floriane Dahman, Helen Stringer, Dan Richardson, Daniel Welsh

    2018 | CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems | DOI

  • Evaluation of MySkinSelfie: A New Mobile App for Patient Skin Self-Monitoring

    Philip Hampton, Dan Richardson, Kyle Montague, Patrick Olivier

    2017 | Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology | DOI

  • Speeching: Mobile Crowdsourced Speech Assessment to Support Self-Monitoring and Management for People with Parkinson's

    Róisín McNaney, Mohammad Othman, Dan Richardson, Paul Dunphy, Telmo Amaral, Nick Miller, Helen Stringer, Patrick Olivier, John Vines

    2016 | CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems | DOI