Here's some of the things that I do for fun in my spare time.


While I spend a lot of my time at work making apps, that doesn’t mean that I don’t also like doing it in my spare time! While I’m a habitual project starter, unfortunately relatively few things get finished…

One project which did see the light of day is Hodlr, a Xamarin Forms powered app designed to help keep track of crypto-currency investments over time. As with my other applications, it’s completely open source on my GitHub. You can find it on the Google Play Store.

Other toy projects I’ve got on the back-burner include a virtual reality multiplayer horror game made in Unity, and an app which makes it easy to catalogue and loan out items in your DVD/Blu-Ray collection.

Oh, and this website. Obviously.


During my time at Open Lab, I’ve also gotten a taste for making things. The lab has its own ‘maker space’, complete with 3D printers and laser cutters. While I’ve yet to learn how to 3D print objects, I’ve made good use of the laser cutters for producing everything from presents, to board games and Raspberry Pi mounts. I’ve uploaded some of my creations to the Thingiverse, and you can see some of them below:


I’ve recently picked up photography as a hobby. I’ve only got a budget camera (a Sony a6000), but I’m a sucker for fast prime lenses. I’m still learning! I don’t post much, but you can find me on Flickr. Here’s a few examples: